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Eggnog pancakes and Reindeer poop

Now that Santa has seen his shadow in a manger by the light of the menorah (or something like that), we know that Christmas is here.Based on the deluge from movies, television shows, books, songs, and even (especially?) advertisements, Holiday tradition means trees and snow and families and caroling and logs made from recycled yule.

But not all Christmas family traditions are created equal.In my family, Christmas meant reindeer poop and eggnog pancakes.
I was raised in what most would call a traditional Euro-American lower-middle class family.I had two married (to each other) parents – one each from the two predominant genders – and one sister.
We were raised in a properly Anglicized protestant religion (Lutheran, or as I call it, “Roman Catholic Lite”) and were presented with all the Christian Christmas traditions.
But beyond that, our family traditions were a bit, shall we say, “nontraditional.”
My Parents didn’t fall from a Norman Rockwell painting or a Clement Moore poem.My Father had …