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The Chronicles

So, the first draft of the product of the Audience of One Writers Retreat is complete. First edit underway.

Not sure we'll make our target of having a fully edited, ready for representation/publication by the end of 2016 but the story of Radley and Sloe and Karm and Lizza (4-syllable pronunciation) is told.

Ebay (the 76-year old Laotian man, not the website) and Terry the Bus Driver (formerly of the University of Alabama basketball team) wound up playing larger roles than anticipated.

The process and related emotions:

Writing - This story is amazing!First Edit - This story sucks!Second Edit - Well, maybe...Final Edit - NYT bestseller list, here we come!
On with the show...

P.S. While I'm at it, here are a couple of pictures from the retreat. See all of the pictures from the retreat here.