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Friday, March 14, 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I found an old (2010) piece I dredged up from an email exchange between me and Jerry Greene, formerly from the Orlando Sentinel and

Keep in mind that in 2010, Regis Philbin was not a member of the FoxSports1 Crowd Goes Wild team.  Yes, I'm just that prescient.

The Ten Most Overhyped Events/People in Sports

10.  The Super Bowl:  Naw…just kidding.  This one’s PerfectlyHyped©.  On the standard Hype-O-Meter 6,000™, with settings of 1-10, The Super Bowl registers an eleven.  You know, because it’s one louder, isn’t it?  Just as God intended.

9.  Televised Major League Baseball Draft:  Bud Selig was particularly crazy when he decided it would be a good idea to televise the annual Major League Baseball paint drying…er, amateur draft.  Except the draft makes the games look exciting.  Crazy like a fox.  Well…really more like a ferret but you get my point.

8.  Televised Women’s Sports:  As the father of both daughters and sons, I fully support equal athletic opportunities for both genders.  I also support makeup and feminine hygiene products but I don’t want to watch them on television.  EXCEPTIONS:  Any sport that allows mature, athletic women to compete on the highest level.  This is known as "the Dana Torres clause."

7.  SEC Football:  Formula for success:  A fundamentally flawed ranking system + 2-3 decent college football teams / 9-10 good high school teams ^ no playoff system = 4 BCS Champions in a row and 5 of the past 7.  However, let Northwestern play Vandy, Mississippi State, and Ol’ Miss every year and they’d be in contention, too.  Oh, and newsflash:  the SEC has sent a team to the BCS championship game six times.  Just like the ACC.  Ouch.

6.  Franco Harris:  DISCLAIMER:  I’m a Raiders fan.  ‘Nuff said.

5.  The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament:  I know…blasphemy, right?  Most overblown collection of college misfits since Radiohead.

4.  Bob Costas:  Somewhere, a ring is demanding to be carried off to Mordor…

3.  Professional All-Star Games:  Whether MLB’s annual midsummer “classic,” the NBA’s annual “Def Traffic Jam,” or the NFL’s Pro Bowl, all star games are boring, irrelevant, and superfluous.  Note I did not include the NHL because, well, I specified “professional” in the title.

2.  Soccer:  Seriously…did you watch any of the World Cup?  That’s eight minutes of my life I’m never getting back.  (NOTE:  had the US won the World Cup, soccer would have tied with the Super Bowl for the Most Perfectly Hyped Sport in the World.)

1.  Regis Philbin:  While granted he is not a sports event or person, any hype he receives is, by definition, overhype.  I mean, for gawd sake, what kind of name is Regis?!?