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I Still Hope You Dance

Just's never too late to dance.

So go dance, goddammit.

Go dance.


Dear Aunt Matilda

From the wayback machine.

One of my early pieces, from my days as an 84-year old Southern Woman, Matilda Mae Sugarbottom (of the Andalusia, Alabama Sugarbottoms).
Dear Aunt Matilda,I read your article "Time to reassess and redirect," in the January Splash! and have a question. Number 8 on your list must have some hidden meaning. I asked several persons about it and they could not understand what "Look into a dog's eyes until you see God staring back at you" means. Would you please explain what this means??Signed, Steve B. Dear Steve, Thank you for reading the column and for taking the time to write. I am happy to explain what I meant by the "dog's eyes" item on the list.I was taught as a child that God loves me unconditionally, that He will always protect and comfort me, and that He is always there whenever I call for Him. But it is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind of life and forget about the importance of having God in your life. …