Seven 7hings: Seven 7hings

Seven 7hings is a new gimmick concept in the Smoke House blog.  I will list seven things about a particular topic.

Fancy, huh?

For starters, the inaugural Seven 7hings will be about, of course, Seven 7hings:

1.  Seven 7hings will include a BONUS THING, generally in opposition to the actual seven things listed.  For example, in my Seven 7hings:  To Hate About Houston, there will be a BONUS THING thing that’s good about Houston.  However, the BONUS THING may have nothing whatsoever to do with the topic.  My gimmick concept, my rules.

2.  This BONUS THING is not an eighth thing.  That would make the blog title Eight 7hings and that would make the 7 in the title just stupid.

3.  Seven 7hings will be filled with actual facts about the actual topic.  I will not make things up.  All seven things -- and the bonus thing -- are all true.

4.  So far, I have 43 Seven 7hings topics selected.  Not including this one.

5.  Seven 7hings:  About Sex represents 2.3% of the topics.

6.  I will accept suggested topics for Seven 7hinigs.  However, I do not guarantee I will use your suggestion.

7.  Seven 7hings will be updated weekly.  Or more frequently.  Unless it’s not. 

Lady on "Bingo" the bull, Fredericksburg, Texas:


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